First Choice Health works with employer groups from Seattle to South Dakota to design and administer health plans and Clinically Integrated Networks optimized for their unique needs, filling in gaps where traditional care teams are not necessarily able to help patients.

A Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) is an arrangement in which like-minded hospitals and/or independent providers share performance, quality, value, and efficiency goals that result in reduced healthcare costs and promote access to care.

In addition to employing integration between health systems and benefits administrators to help members properly navigate and manage their care, using a CIN helps to:

  • Avoid unnecessarily high costs for members by encouraging prescription of generic medicines
  • Deliver robust clinical outcomes, bring together regional providers and healthcare organizations that are celebrated for high-quality care and service and exceptional patient experiences
  • Allow for site of care optimization, with higher-cost locations and facilities only used to care for patients when appropriate
  • Provide pricing stability thanks to a wide network collective negotiation


To learn more about clinically integrated networks and our regional partnerships, please visit our page on Clinically Integrated Networks.

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As the VP, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at First Choice Health, Curtis brings more than 30 years of experience in health plan administration, plan consulting, and contract execution for all stakeholders in the healthcare arena. He drives our team to bring solutions to the marketplace for all stakeholders in the self-insured market.