A Mandatory Referral (MR) is a formal and documented program, which may help an employee retain his or her job in times of progressive disciplinary action. Although it's often used as a last chance agreement with risk of termination, it's not meant to be punitive. The goal is to help employees improve performance and resolve issues so they can be successful at work. 

Mandatory Referrals are typically initiated in response to violations of behavioral, performance, attendance or drug-alcohol policies in the workplace. Human resource teams and managers work hand in hand with the EAP. Your EAP facilitates the entire process and stays in communication with HR, management, service providers and employees until case closure. An EAP clinical case manager will refer the employee for an assessment with a licensed mental health counselor, chemical dependency provider, or Department of Transportation (DOT) substance abuse professional (SAP) as appropriate. Final recommendations and employee compliance is monitored throughout the case, with signed employee consent.

When should you consider using a Mandatory Referral?

The employee has drug and alcohol violations, such as:

  • Failed random drug screen
  • Refusal to comply with drug/alcohol test
  • Failure of a reasonable suspicion test
  • Violations of DOT drug/alcohol regulations
  • Self-admitted drug/alcohol problem
  • Diluted or tampered UA specimen

The employee is exhibiting behavioral violations, such as:

  • Excessive absences/tardiness
  • Failure to perform to standards
  • Sexual harassment conduct
  • Hostile work environment conduct
  • Racial or gender discrimination
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About Heather Alder

Heather Alder is a past Director of First Choice Health Employee Assistance Program. With experience in healthcare technology with a focus on advancing integration of behavioral health and primary care, Heather understands what can happen to our physical health, our workplace performance, and our healthcare costs when we forget to take care of our mental health.