First Choice Health - NSA No Surprises Act Supporting Files

The In-Network Negotiated Rate files contain all contracted First Choice Health providers and their in network contracted rates. This file will be updated monthly as required per the No Surprises Act requirements. Please note that there will be no archive of this file and only the most recent file will be available.

Most health plans and issuers are required to disclose pricing information pursuant to the requirements of the Transparency in Coverage Rule. These files are being provided to comply with that rule and include information regarding in-network negotiated rates. FCH disclaims the fitness of the data herein for any other purpose, including use in any third-party database or product. Any such use and any liability attached thereto is at the risk of such third party. These files are in the CMS defined format (JSON) and are not meant for a consumer-friendly search of rates, benefits, or cost sharing. Consumers should contact their claims administrator for this information.

In-Network Negotiated Rate File - General

The daily Continuity of Care Provider Termination Report contains each provider termination that may impact Continuity of Care (COC) processes our clients may have in place due to the No Surprises Act. Provider terminations will only appear on a report one time so clients will want to ensure they are processing each file.

Continuity of Care Provider Termination Report 05282024.csv

The Qualified Payment Amount zip file contains the files listed below for your QPA processes. These file will be updated on a yearly basis as required by the QPA regulations. Please review the ReadMe found in the zip file for specific instructions

Qualified Payment Amount FCH