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First Choice Health EAP expands behavioral health access for employers with new platform

Monday, May 20, 2019

First Choice Health (FCH), a forward-thinking provider-owned and provider-driven healthcare organization, has launched an innovative new telehealth technology that will greatly improve behavioral health access for the more than 600 clients using the standalone Employee Assistance Program (EAP), as they continue to focus on addressing behavioral health in the workplace. This embedded service is offered through online counseling partner BetterHelp, which will connect FCH EAP clients to the world's largest online behavioral health network.

Employers are struggling with the best ways to address employee behavioral health concerns due to lack of access and timely care. FCH EAP clients will be connected to a global network of more than 4,000 licensed behavioral health providers to address their concerns at any hour of the day, in 44 different languages. Access to this program can include exchanging messaging, chatting live, speaking over the phone or secure video conferencing.  

"At First Choice Health, we're continuously striving to address behavioral health in more direct and valuable ways to our clients, and this new technology will do just that," First Choice Health CEO and President Jaja Okigwe said. "By enabling around the clock access to a professional behavioral health network, we know their employees will feel that their behavioral health needs are being valued just as much as other areas of health. This will lead to stronger and healthier individuals and businesses."

"Behavioral health is a critical issue for today's workforce yet limited provider access is a national issue. This virtual therapy platform increases our availability and makes connecting with a behavioral health professional as flexible and efficient as possible," FCH EAP Director Heather Alder said. "Best of all, we are taking the extra steps necessary to meet clients more quickly and without additional cost."

In addition to the BetterHelp platform, FCH EAP provides solutions that help employers develop and maintain healthy work environments while improving employees' health and productivity at work and home. They specialize in supporting employers with onsite trauma debriefings in the workplace, mandatory referrals, utilization reports to identify workplace trends, and one-on-one situational support for supervisors, as well as client support and referrals to local counselors. Learn more at