Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Our EAP is dedicated to supporting people and organizations whenever they need us.

For nearly two decades, First Choice Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has provided solutions that help employers develop and maintain healthy work environments while improving employees' health and productivity at work and home. EAP is a free service provided by companies to their employees and eligible family members. Our EAP program offers assessment and referral, clinical support, and crisis services for critical incidents, along with a wide range of tools and resources. We specialize in high-touch service and innovative techniques to provide comprehensive support to our clients and their organizations, whenever they need us.

Established in 2002 Serving over 300,000 people and 750 employers 20,000 provider locations nationwide 97% client satisfaction rate

Serving industries such as: Healthcare, Education, Unions/Trusts, Local Government, Financial Services, Transportation, Emergency Services, and more.

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Unlike many national or embedded EAP programs, our EAP team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to reduce risk, decrease stress, and deliver solutions with a calm presence and human touch. Hundreds of satisfied employer groups use our EAP in Washington State and throughout the Northwest, including manufacturing, municipalities, technology companies, shipping, hospitals, financial services, and all major industries.

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Exceptional Service, Exceptional Results

In our many years of business serving the Northwest, we have established ourselves as a leader and trusted expert in the EAP industry, demonstrating success with a wide variety of clients who continue to renew our service year after year. We work hard to maintain our client attrition rate of just 0.5%.

  • First Choice Health exceeds the average EAP utilization, which is 2 to 3% for embedded EAPs and 5.5% for standalone EAPs, with an average of 6.3% across our business. (Source: Attridge, M. [2019]; National Business Group on Health [2018]) 

  • Reduced the length of time between the employee's request for services and their counselor match to an average of 1.67 days in 2019. 

  • 70% of employees resolve issues to their satisfaction within initial EAP visits, without the need to access their health plan benefits, through our Assessment and Referral Services.

First Choice Health meets our clients' needs wherever and whenever they need assistance. We listen to your employees' needs and make an ultra-refined match to connect them to the most appropriate provider. We empower employees to access our network of more than 20,000 licensed behavioral health provider locations to address their concerns through our EAP's accessible language and telehealth services.

First Choice Health EAP provides seamless care to your employees when they are most vulnerable. Find out more about our Whole Person Approach.

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When your workforce benefits from EAPs, you will too. From customized content to engaging monthly newsletters, we take great care to provide you the best tools to promote the EAP program to your staff and ensure they have access to the support, professional care and behavioral health services they deserve. 

For Employers

Your dedicated Clinical Account Executive is a licensed mental health provider, with Master's level education, who will help you with program implementation and marketing, service questions, and consultation. They will truly feel like an extension of your human resource team for behavioral health needs. First Choice Health offers EAP resources for employers to supplement outreach, increase awareness, and boost the services employees can access when they need it most.  Our mandatory referral program and specialized training program provide best-in-class support. 

  • HR & Supervisor Consultations

    Dedicated licensed mental health professionals
    Crisis management and response
    Mandatory referrals and drug-free regulations
    Substance abuse incidents

  • Implementation & Marketing

    Promotion assistance and monthly content
    Utilization reports
    Website and digital resources

  • Other Support

    Online orientations
    Benefits/wellness/safety fairs
    Case management support

For Employees

How your employees show up at work depends on so much beyond the workplace. We provide a range of solutions to assist employees in addressing personal problems and develop their resilience both in and out of the office, ensuring optimal employee performance and engagement. 

  • Work Life

    Financial services
    Child care and Elder care
    Education planning
    Home ownership
    Legal assistance
    ID theft and fraud resolution
    Discount programs

  • Telehealth Services

    Convenient, private virtual therapy
    Available anywhere at any time
    Various languages available

  • Training

    Online EAP orientations
    Online trainings on a variety of topics
    Online certifications
    Monthly webinars

We Work to Say "Yes"

Your dedicated account manager is a trusted partner, finding ways to say "YES" and work with you every step of the way.

Flexible, Customized Solutions

We collaborate with our clients in new and innovative ways. Let's work together to build the best solution for your company.

Licensed Counselors Available 24/7

Our experienced clinical staff are on-call to provide support, coaching, and guidance through difficult situations.

97% Client Satisfaction Rate

Our clients value our high-touch and personalized service. We believe in delivering excellence in everything we do.

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