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First Choice Health and Rightway Healthcare partner on innovative patient advocacy and benefit navigation solutions for employers

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

First Choice Health (FCH), a provider-owned health care organization, today announced a strategic partnership with health and benefit navigation company Rightway Healthcare, giving FCH members direct access to Rightway's innovative technology platform and team of healthcare navigators. 

FCH's integration of Rightway as part of its core offering helps members find care providers; review background information on doctors; avoid unexpected out-of-pocket costs; understand bills and schedule appointments all within a simple, user-friendly platform. Rightway's clinical navigation team is made up of doctors and nurses who, with the help of their support staff, answer member questions and serve as their single point of entry into healthcare. Rightway became available to select FCH members on Jan. 1, 2020.

FCH identified navigation as a major barrier in health care access and in 2019 made extensive efforts to locate a single solution that would allow members to manage all of their healthcare needs in one place. After thorough research of the market, FCH chose to partner with Rightway, primarily because of the company's willingness to help design tailored solutions that could meet the needs of FCH's clients in the Northwest. 

"Like Rightway, First Choice Health is committed to helping employers and their employees achieve optimal health and improved outcomes. The average consumer is unable to effectively navigate the complex healthcare system, often resulting in wasted time, money and overall poor customer experience," said First Choice Health CEO and President Jaja Okigwe. "By providing an integrated network of dedicated health experts, data analytics and technology, Rightway helps our members identify appropriate quality care, while driving down employer health care costs." 

Rightway drives savings through a combination of support, advocacy and technology for each employee. This includes a dedicated personal Navigator as the employee's single point of interaction for healthcare, as well as a centralized portal and mobile app for medical benefits. The platform also leverages an advanced analytics platform to actively engage high-risk members to get ahead of future health complications. 

"Health care is complex and current navigation tools aren't working. Employees are confused, and as a result, waste, overtreatment and failure to coordinate care make up 40% of their spending," Rightway Healthcare Co-Founder and CEO Jordan Feldman said. "At Rightway, we deliver navigation with a deep understanding of how members incur costs and how employees consume health care. When employees have the tools and support they need to make better decisions around their health care, engagement and member satisfaction increases, resulting in better health outcomes and decreased costs." 

Rightway's resources integrate to improve employees' health care experiences, provide a quantifiable ROI to the employer and produce better health outcomes. This announcement follows the launch of FCH's 98point6 integration, in addition to Rightway's recently secured $20 million in Series B funding, showing both companies' continued momentum, expansion and drive to provide high-tech solutions focused on accessibility and adaptability.