Change Healthcare Cybersecurity Incident

Change Healthcare reported a cybersecurity incident on Wednesday, February 21, 2024. Once First Choice Health (FCH) became aware of the incident, FCH immediately disconnected our systems from Change Healthcare. This incident has impacted various technology services provided by Change Healthcare and has significantly impacted the healthcare industry.

Change Healthcare is FCHs largest electronic claim and enrollment transaction source. Since the incident, FCH has been actively working to establish direct connections with alternative clearinghouses so that providers can submit claims electronically. To date, FCH can receive claims from the following clearinghouses:

FCH will continue to monitor this issue closely and find alternate solutions as we prepare for an extended outage. Please contact your designated Account Executive if you would like additional information. 

The full extent of the incident remains unknown. FCH is working diligently to provide updates on Change Healthcare's cyber response. FCH will promptly send bulletins as we progress with alternative solutions and as Change Healthcare releases updates. Stay informed with UnitedHealth Group's latest information on the Change Healthcare cyber response. This link also contains other resources to support stakeholders in managing related impacts.