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Join like-minded executives for thought-provoking discussions on provider-driven, employer healthcare strategies.

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The DTE summits provide excellent networking opportunities with other health system executives.

They bring together key players in the direct-to-employer market to discuss successful case studies and solutions for improving and managing sustainable direct-to-employer strategies.

The summit format includes opening and closing presentations, Q&A discussions, and breakouts that cover current challenges health systems face when implementing a direct-to-employer strategy and considerations on how to overcome them.

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 C-Suite Executives and VPs from hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations  

 All levels of experience regarding DTE  

 All regions of the U.S.  

Attendance is limited to 40 organizations to maximize interactive participation. No more than two individuals from one organization may participate.

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6th Direct-To-Employer Summit

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

7 am  - 10 am Pacific | 9 am - 12 pm Central | 10 am - 1 pm Eastern

  1. Nick Stefanizzi

    CEO, Northwell Direct

    Nick Stefanizzi is the CEO of Northwell Health's for-profit, direct-to-employer health services company Northwell Direct, where he is responsible for the strategy, operations, growth, and financial performance of direct-to-employer services. To date he has built a strong network of partnerships among employers, providers and stakeholders in the tri-state area leading a venture to year-over-year revenue of more than 200% since taking on this role in 2020. His goal is to make healthcare more accessible and affordable or as he states: The evolution of healthcare as we know it.

  2. Dan Burke

    VP of Corporate Benefits, Turner Industries

    Dan Burke serves as Vice President of Corporate Benefits for Turner Industries Group, LLC. In that role Mr. Burke is responsible for long term strategic design of the company's total rewards program. In today's healthcare environment, Dan's focus has been finding innovative solutions to help manage the cost and improve the quality of care delivered nationally. This has involved partnering with healthcare providers to build outcome-based chronic disease intervention programs and establishing mutually beneficial relationships to bridge the gap between the past and future of health care.

  3. Stephanie Koch

    Director of Human Resources, Hendry Marine Industries

    Stephanie Koch is a resident of the Tampa Bay area, currently working as the Director of Human Resources for Hendry Marine Industries. Stephanie has over 25 years of HR leadership experience at various companies. Over the past several years, she has taken an active role in understanding and transforming employee health benefit plans. At Hendry Marine, and in her previous role, she was instrumental in moving the employee health plans to a self-funded model. Stephanie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with other HR professionals so that more people understand the benefits a self-funded health plan has for both the company and for employees.

  4. Justin Jolls

    Compensation & Benefits Manager, McKee Foods

    Justin Jolls is an innovative benefits professional with over 10 years of experience in the Healthcare industry. Justin serves as the Compensation & Benefits Manager at McKee Foods Corporation, the makers of Little Debbie Snack cakes. At McKee Foods the Benefits and Wellness teams strive to implement Health & Wellness strategies to provide their over 11,000 members with the benefits needed to meet each member's season of life. In a highly volatile time the McKee team has successfully analyzed and implemented several innovative benefit strategies, including on-site clinics and pharmacy, to contain medical costs and wow their customers to attract and retain talent.

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