Establishing a strong collaborative relationship with a health system partner is critical in today's rapidly changing healthcare landscape and why First Choice Health has partnered with the Eastside Health Network (EHN). Together, FCH and EHN are developing and implementing evidence-based, data-driven healthcare initiatives aimed at improving outcomes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for employers. 

I was honored to discuss these topics with a select group of healthcare leaders focused on providing solutions to the Eastside business community during the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce's Eastside Health Summit on Nov. 21.

When designing solutions to the workforce's most difficult health challenges, it is essential to engage customers. We rely on customer feedback to help define our approach, ultimately creating a solution that works for the end-user, bringing better value and improved outcomes for everyone.

For example, at FCH, our patient-centered approach is designed around the member. There are three simple areas of focus within this model:

  1. How you access care 
  2. How you pay for care
  3. Where you receive care

Modern benefits administration requires more than healthcare services discounts. Fragmented solutions do not comprehensively address employer pain points and typically don't meet the needs of individual employees. However, a single touch-point for navigation allows members to manage all their healthcare needs in one place. A purpose-built tool for finding care, understanding benefits, reviewing background information on doctors, preparing for out-of-pocket costs, helping to understand bills, or even scheduling appointments, can transform the healthcare experience for members.

Whether in the Puget Sound's Eastside or anywhere else in the United States, the average consumer is repeatedly challenged to effectively navigate the healthcare system, often resulting in wasted time and money and leads to poor outcomes. Ultimately, adopting this type of model should result in lower costs because it's simple, easier to use and you're actually getting appropriate care at the right places.  

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About Jaja Okigwe

Jaja Okigwe joined First Choice Health in April 2018 as CEO. With 20 years of healthcare industry experience, including senior positions in Strategic Development, Okigwe brings with him a portfolio of expertise that will lead First Choice Health as we continue to adapt and innovate in the ever-changing health landscape.