Managers at companies with EAPs, such as First Choice Health EAP, have access to valuable tools to help their employees. Whether an employee comes to you for personal or professional advice, or you notice performance or behavior patterns that you'd like to address, there are a few EAP referral options available.

Educational referral: Did you know over 60% of employees learn about the EAP benefit from their supervisor? Help your staff by educating them about their benefits. You may be in a situation where a trusted employee mentioned a personal issue that is causing them stress. The EAP can offer help from financial and legal advice, to locating eldercare services, to buying your first home. Share the knowledge and provide marketing materials to initiate the referral. 

Informal referral: Are you concerned about a decline in job performance or changes in behavior? Suggest your employee call us. Need immediate support? You can call the EAP together, then hand the phone to your employee and offer privacy. Your employee can immediately consult with a licensed counselor over the phone and request ongoing services. 

Mandatory referral: This must be coordinated with your HR department. Mandatory referrals are a documented process, which may help an employee retain his or her job in times of progressive disciplinary action. They are typically initiated in response to violations of behavioral, performance, attendance, or drug-alcohol policies in the workplace. The EAP facilitates the entire process and stays in communication with HR, service providers and employees until case closure.

Managing staff often includes some challenging situations. FCH EAP counselors are always there for you to discuss scenarios and offer guidance. Remember that the EAP is a tool for you to use in many situations.

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About Heather Alder

Heather Alder is a past Director of First Choice Health Employee Assistance Program. With experience in healthcare technology with a focus on advancing integration of behavioral health and primary care, Heather understands what can happen to our physical health, our workplace performance, and our healthcare costs when we forget to take care of our mental health.