Supervisor consults are just one of the valuable benefits of having EAP services available at your fingertips. Whether you have a formal HR department or you are flying solo in your managerial role, it's always great to know you have access to a co-pilot when you need it.

Problem solving in the workplace often involves a complex set of employee issues, such as: work conflicts, complaints, policy violations, disciplinary steps, and medical and mental health. Navigating these topics, which may include legal considerations, liability risks, and union constraints, can feel overwhelming.

First Choice Health EAP account executives are licensed mental health clinicians with a wide variety of expertise. It can be reassuring to receive advice or get a second opinion before you make a final decision. Consulting with outside professionals can help relieve some pressure, provide a fresh perspective, and help you strategize options for resolving work situations.

Over the years, your EAP clinicians have provided supervisor consultations on these and many other workplace issues:

  • Grief and Loss - Employee death, staff suffering the loss of loved ones, and how to communicate and support teams

  • Discrimination - Race, gender, age, and equality issues

  • Chemical Dependency - Drug/alcohol concerns, reasonable suspicion, assessment, and treatment resources

  • Sexual Harassment - Inappropriate remarks or behaviors

  • Domestic Violence - Shelter locations and safety plans, hotline numbers, counseling, and emergency resources

  • Attendance and Performance Problems

  • Hygiene Problems - Body odors, poor grooming, fragrance free workplace policies

  • Workplace Conflict - Issues between co-workers, between managers and their subordinates, and new hire changes

  • Hostile Work Environment - Bullying, disrespectful communication style, retaliation and intimidation tactics that disturb the work culture

  • Reorganizations - Reduction or changes in staff, job roles, programs, hiring, promotions, and salary freezes

  • Traumatic and Critical Event Debriefing - Pandemic stressors, deaths, disasters, major accidents, safety threats, robbery, attacks of violence impacting workers

  • Employee Terminations - Disciplinary pathways, final written warnings, and EAP mandatory last chance agreements

  • Fitness for Duty - Physical and mental health competency assessments, clearance to return to work, time off options

  • Personal, Family or Marital Stressors - Separation, divorce, parenting, financial burdens, aging parent care, impacts on employee productivity and dependability

  • Suicidal Threats - Immediate coaching to address possible self-harm plan, intent or remarks made at work, and safety plans

Your EAP has licensed, clinical professionals on call to assist you in your thought process and decision making. We encourage our EAP clients to use First Choice Health as an extension of your leadership team, to help provide you with options, planning, resources, and solutions in addressing employee concerns. Account Executives can speak with you individually or arrange a conference call with those critically involved. Whether you have an urgent need for an immediate consultation, or are planning in advance, the EAP is here to help!

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About Julee Clark

Julee Clark is a Clinical Account Executive for First Choice Health EAP. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and manages the EAP Mandatory Referral program. Julee is also a Disaster Mental Health Volunteer with the American Red Cross and served at Ground Zero in New York after the attack on Sept. 11, 2001. She has been in private practice for over 25 years specializing in chronic illness, eldercare, trauma response, and marital and family crisis.