Welcome For employees designated as Puget Sound Region and Capital Pacific Region

Welcome to the First Choice Health (FCH) website for MultiCare Health System employees who are eligible for Puget Sound Region benefits.  Explore the links to the left to learn about your medical plan options, which include pharmacy benefits. You can also search for your network providers by network tier. 

Need to view or print your member ID card?

Please visit the myFirstChoice portal. If you have any questions about your benefits, including whether a provider is in your plan's network (and in which benefit tier), call the FCH Member Services department at (888) 889-1112.

Member Support Information: 

For help booking an appointment with a MultiCare Health (Tier 1) provider: 

  • Medical benefits and Provider Network Questions: 888-889-1112 (FCH Member Services line)
  • For help booking an appointment with a MultiCare (Tier 1) provider: 1-800-342-9919

  • Pharmacy Benefits Questions: 833-393-0445 (Ventegra Member Services line) or visit myventegra.com