Direct Contracting on the Eastside Gain direct access to your local healthcare partners

Puget Sound's Eastside businesses can now directly contract with the region's most comprehensive network of trusted, local providers, which includes EvergreenHealth, Overlake Medical Center & Clinics, and over 100 independent clinics. Your employees can make meaningful health decisions at the point-of-care and build relationships with their providers.

Eastside Health Network (EHN) offers an alternative to costly commercial plans, resulting in healthcare savings for employees and employers, better control of your company's resources, and easy administration services to relieve pressure on your HR team.

  • Streamlined access to EvergreenHealth, Overlake Medical Center & Clinics, and over 100 independent clinics
  • Partner directly with the health system through a local benefits administrator
  • Empowering employees to make meaningful health decisions at the point of care with their physician
  • Reduce employer plan costs and member out of pocket costs
  • Provide customized and competitive benefit plans to attract and retain employees

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We asked local employers, like you, about the challenges of employee health plans in our community, such as managing unpredictable costs and difficulties for their employees trying to navigate a complicated healthcare system. Eastside Health Network was created to address these concerns with a solution that provides your employees with direct access to affordable services from two of the top hospital systems in the nation for high quality care.

Local, Patient-Centered Care

From primary care to advanced specialty services, our network provides streamlined access to thousands of local providers for convenient healthcare right where you live and work. The Eastside Health Network brings together EvergreenHealth and Overlake Medical Center & Clinics, along with dozens of independent providers and practices, to deliver high-quality care and an exceptional patient experience at the best possible value. With a focus on improving access to healthcare providers and services and a commitment to care coordination, patients who utilize the Eastside Health Network have access to a depth and breadth of services unrivaled on the Eastside.

Improved Employee Health

Directly contracting with the local healthcare system empowers employees to make meaningful health decisions at the point of care with their physician. In our network, providers' shared commitment to a higher level of coordinated care helps them exchange information to determine the best possible care plans, together. Additionally, EHN provides your employees with a dedicated patient navigator for support and assistance with any needs, including information on in-network hospitals and other facilities, assistance finding primary care and specialty providers, scheduling of appointments, and understanding benefit information.

Control Your Healthcare Costs

Our goal is to provide high quality, affordable care with an improved patient experience, while reducing costs and keeping your healthcare dollars within the Eastside community. Our direct-contracting solution helps members reduce expenses, avoid confusing bills, and better coordinate their care while receiving a great experience. Our benefits administration experts work closely with clients to help reduce their claims costs through data trending, robust reporting, and effective administration. We've integrated our population health and utilization management services to engage and educate members, help manage their care, and enable cost-saving strategies throughout the process.

Health Benefits Administration

First Choice Health is Eastside Health Network's preferred TPA partner, with more than 30 years' experience working with self-insured employer groups to design and administer health plans. From customized multiple tiered networks, to our high-touch account management, First Choice Health delivers the service excellence that human resource and benefits professionals can depend on. With EHN and First Choice Health, employers will receive the best possible value, with access to a depth and breadth of services unrivaled in the Eastside area.

From primary care through advanced specialty services, including inpatient hospital care, emergency/trauma care, and urgent care, Eastside Health Network is a comprehensive Clinically Integrated Network of providers and facilities designed to meet the health needs of you and your family.

Eastside Health Network allows you to give your employees the high-quality care and conveniences they love, all at a rate that works for you. Find An In-Network Provider or Location

With access to the EHN Network, care can be received at numerous locations:

  • 1,600 providers

  • 128 specialty practices

  • 41 primary care locations

  • 12 urgent care clinics

  • 5 emergency care locations

  • 4 hospitals

Interested in Direct Contracting for your business or client? We'll work together to build a unique benefits plan and then partner with you to help your employees and their families get the healthcare they need. 

Contact our team today at [email protected] and take your first step toward being in control of your healthcare benefits.